What is Cyber Security

As recognized experts in information security, we advise companies on their path to certification, support the implementation of robust security management systems and ensure compliance with relevant security regulations. Our mission is to empower organizations to strengthen their information security and promote trust with partners and customers.

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Information security

The ongoing digitalization of business processes and the increasing electronic exchange of information requires a fundamental rethink. Companies and entrepreneurs must rise to the challenge of efficiently protecting digital processes and IT resources. Information is a business asset and information security is an essential part of protecting it.



SOPHOS IT security solution for companies - Effective IT security doesn't have to be complicated. We offer you easy-to-use security for networks, endpoints and servers - with products that are perfectly coordinated and work together seamlessly.


Data privacy

As a modern IT company, we see ourselves as a full-service partner and offer you IT solutions from a single source. We look after your server and client landscape as well as your users and help with the documentation of your IT infrastructure. Our employees will be happy to advise you on our IT services.



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With a sense of proportion and pragmatic approaches, we defend against cyber attacks before they even occur.


Florian Seiler


Information security is not a state, but a process!

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The stable and first-class quality of our products, services and solutions is the key success factor of our business activities.


The security of our customer data is our promise. We regularly verify the security level of our information with the TISAX label.