Data protection

Data transmission and logging for internal system and statistical purposes

Your internet browser automatically transmits data to our web server for technical reasons when accessing our website. This data includes, among other things, the date and time of access, the URL of the referring website, the retrieved file, the amount of data sent, the browser type and version, the operating system, and your IP address. This data is stored separately from other data you provide while using our services. It is not possible for us to associate this data with a specific person. This data is analyzed for statistical purposes and subsequently deleted.

Inventory data

If a contractual relationship is to be established, structured, or changed between you and us, we collect and use personal data from you to the extent necessary for these purposes. Upon the order of the relevant authorities, we may disclose information about this data (inventory data) in individual cases, to the extent necessary for the purposes of criminal prosecution, averting danger, fulfilling the legal tasks of the constitutional protection authorities or the Military Counterintelligence Service, or enforcing intellectual property rights.

Usage data

We collect and use personal data from you to the extent necessary to enable the use of our internet services. This includes, in particular, information for your identification and details regarding the start, end, and extent of your use of our services.


To expand the functionality of our internet services and make their use more comfortable for you, we use so-called "cookies." These "cookies" allow data to be stored on your computer when you visit our website. You have the option to prevent cookies from being saved on your computer by adjusting the appropriate settings in your browser. However, this may limit the functionality of our services.

Right to information

As a user of our internet services, you have the right to request information from us about the data stored about you or your pseudonym. Upon your request, the information can also be provided electronically.

Further information                    

Your trust is important to us. Therefore, we are always available to answer your questions regarding the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions that this privacy policy could not answer, or if you would like more detailed information on a specific point, please contact us at We will get in touch with you promptly.